Act Out or Black Out Launch

From The Creators of Do Or Drink...

Meet Charades' Drunk Cousin

"You guys crossed the line with this one."

- Concerned Citizen

Split Up Into
2 Teams

Pull a Card
& Act It Out

Your Team Guessed It?
Other Team Drinks

The cards are printed, no going back now...

Literally Charades' Drunk Cousin

350 Cards of Drunken Brilliance.

Tons of "Gram-Worthy" Moments

Lifetime Supply of Wild Memories.

About this game.
This game is literally a drunken version of Charades with our signature insanity sprinkled on top. You split up into two teams & act out what is written on the card. If your team guesses correctly, the other team drinks, and vice versa. And remember... you talk, you lose! Good luck acting out "booty call" or "dry humping". Either way, you're in for a wild night.

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Anti-Boredom Guarantee
Unlike many party games that your friends will quickly get bored of and set aside, Do Or Drink guarantees entertainment for the whole night! Anything can happen - seriously.

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